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Wordpress to Wix


Switch Your Wordpress website to a more efficient Wix 

Everything under one roof

Wordpress is a great website platform (content management system). However,  Wix has become entirely more centralized, offering a much more integrated solution for businesses looking to have more control over their publishing, marketing and inbound leads. 

Managing a WordPress site can require additional expenses when you need to rely on a programmer to make the smallest alterations. With WIx you don’t have to install any software and you edit everything in your browser. Their editor is completely drag and drop, and super intuitive, especially for complete beginners. If you want to add more functionalities, you also have their App Market that lets you add features in one click.


Because the web is constantly evolving

Simple Blog Post Migration

Now you can import posts from your WordPress blog to Wix. Whether your posts are on a WordPress.com or a WordPress.org site, you can transfer them in just a few clicks. The import does not affect your WordPress site in any way. 

Why Wordpress is technically Challenging 

  • WordPress doesn’t have integrated functionality.

  • You won’t be able to create anything, except for a blog (after the installation of several plugins) here.

  • Lots of things have to be done manually.

  • Each new task makes a user explore the nuances of plugins, coding and settings.

Design with Flexibility 

Wix creates a separate mobile version. This is perfectly fine for Google (more about this later), but you may need to re-arrange some elements (using drag and drop) to make your site look good on phones.

This video shows you how you can arrange your website’s elements down to the pixel:

WIX for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Wix also offers plenty of SEO capabilities and tools for enhancing your site’s visibility online. It ensures the basic SEO features including page meta tags, heading tags, image alt tags, mobile optimization, etc.

Wix also features a user-friendly SEO Wiz which guides you through the entire SEO configuration steps and lets you create your own SEO plan. The wizard is really helpful for beginners with no SEO expertise.


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