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Korean Restaurant 

Community is built around creating space for new ideas, letting them take root, and following them as they branch out and become. Maison Atelier is this space, the culmination of our collective knowledge. Let’s explore it together.


Print, Digital & Web, Video and more 


Maison Tile




I create prototypes to share the vision, design principles and content strategy. I helped realize ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.

My primary goal was to rebuild the company´s online presence.
The variety of products and proper framing, allowed clients to capture the look they needed and rapidly filter and refine and purchase items they need. 

KOKIO interior 01 H.jpg
87654 copy.png

Web & Mobile

This website is fully desktop and mobile compatible.
It has a mobile-first design approach, making it responsive and accessible from any size device.



By creating an exciting new look and feel for the website we addressed the brand trust issues that the previous site was experiencing, elevating its brand to a more sophisticated, and professional level. The rebranding was a critical component of the project, and we spent more time in the creative phase of the project to make sure we got exactly the look we were going for.

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