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What I Do.

I like to consider myself as a fearless thinker in constant pursuit of work that both drives business results and leaves a dent in culture.

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For over 12 years I´ve worked with large and small businesses, universities as well as many non-profit organizations. Each of these provides an important perspective for moving projects forward and becoming successful. I like to create projects that surprise and delight the world.

I have helped over 1500 businesses grow through goal-driven solutions in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, design, website development, and more.

I´m proficient in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.



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A strong desire to serve our clients in a prompt, professional, and friendly manner. We work to understand each client’s business and form a long-lasting relationship.

I strive to treat everyone with equal respect. We communicate courteously and thoroughly.

I work toward a healthy merger of passion, innovation, collaboration, integrity and creativity that translates into enjoyment in how we spend our time.

Finally, I long for lives full of adventure and value the balance between our professional lives and the activities that fill us with passion.

I exist to create brilliant custom websites for amazing people. I always strive to over deliver wherever possible.

Crew I love to work with

Rob Roach

Ad Marketing 

GiGi Dayan

Graphics & Social 

Francisco Castro

Copy Editor

Lauren Bourne

Jr Design Editor 

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