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From enterprise to eCommerce, every custom Wix website is delivered with the care and precision that only an experienced freelancer with a decade of experience could deliver.  My portfolio represents the best in Wix development standards and the highest level of delivery quality. 




Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content marketing

Social media marketing

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Email marketing
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Professional Copy Editing

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Move to a platform that offers more control over your publishing.
Up to 6 pages. Ecommerce extra

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Strategies that work! Make website more discoverable, and properly optimized, quickly with  
ON-page + OFF-page optimization


American Dissability Law applies to your  online presence and its now mandatory by law. Let us remediate your issues effectively.


Since 2008, our goal has been to get your website built absolutely perfectly, something we accomplish with deep knowledge of the Wix EditorX and CORVID, Wix’s coding language. We also offer complete desktop and mobile editing services.


For years, we’ve been working with hundreds of clients, ranging from local (we’re based in Los Angeles, California) to worldwide. Some of them include UC Braid, Five Suns Foods, Cayton Children’s Museum, East Orange County Water Department and Canyon Manor. We don’t mind working with different kinds of customers! We’re able to work on any creative project you might have.


Wix Lab Web Designers are professionals when it comes to design, but we’re still easy to talk to. Reach out if you have any project you need help with!

Corvid, the coding language of Wix, is an integrated development environment (IDE). It’s a software suite that offers basic tools that allow you to write and test software. With it, you can develop and build advanced web applications with relative ease, all without relying on someone else’s servers. The coding itself is hassle-free, and there’s a visual builder for those looking for a more simplified experience. If you want to get more hands-on, you can manage all your content and code in the built-in IDE, as well as connect to hundreds of APIs. Corvid helps you build, manage, deploy and scale your next web project, all from the ground up.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important aspect of web design, and it’s always changing. SEO now is drastically different than it was even a year ago. Wix Lab Web Designers treat SEO development with care, optimizing websites with clean frameworks and unique copy editing. Our websites are always designed to run perfectly no matter what browser you’re accessing them from, and we make sure that they’re mobile friendly. We’re proud of the award-winning design we do, and we’re ready to bring our expertise to your site. 


We offer several different Wix Lab SEO Packages, each of which will give a huge boost to your site’s presence on Google and Bing. We use keywords and phrases that align with what your customers are searching for, making your site rise to the top of search engines just like that. We don’t just want your website to look good on-page: we want to make an impact off-page too. 


In addition to SEO services, we also help make websites compliant with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA). The ADA requires most websites to be accessible for differently-abled users, and this is something we take very seriously. We work to establish Wix website accessibility: your website will be easy to navigate for anyone with visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities. We adhere strictly to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and ensure that our web design projects don’t discriminate against anyone with disabilities. If you have an existing website that needs a touch up to be more accessible, no problem! We offer rapid Wix ADA remediation that will have your website widely accessible in no time.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires most websites to be ADA compliant. Wix website accessibility is when we make your website easy to navigate by lesser abled users. It including those who have visual, auditory, motor or cognitive disabilities. ADA was established to ensure equal treatment and non discrimination for people with disabilities. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) outline the requirements for creating a website that’s ADA-compliant and widely accessible to people with disabilities. Wix Lab offers rapid Wix ADA remediation for sites who need to address this need.



Birdie does tremendous work with his clients, setting and managing expectations, communicating throughout the engagement, and delivering excellent results.


—  Ray | Mavenlink.com



Design That Works for Every Device

Build your brand and reach new customers with Wix Lab Web Designers, an expert Los Angeles-based Wix design company and digital agency. Whether you need a site built for you or just a few tweaks, our digital agency can help you. We also offer mobile app development and marketing solutions, in addition to our web design packages.



Freedom To Move

 Do you already have a WordPress website? Wix Lab Web Designers offer exclusive WordPress to Wix migration services. Compared to WordPress, Wix offers concise control over your content that is perfect for business owners. The stronger marketing tools on Wix are invaluable for small businesses looking to grow quickly and efficiently. Wix is also much easier to use, requiring no coding knowledge and having a much more consolidated user interface.


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Earn Money from Every Visit

Our SEO packages work wonders, but our Pay Per Click (PPC) services give immediate boosts to sites that need it. By purchasing ads on search engines, your website becomes rapidly more visible to the people who you want to visit your site. Every click on the ad costs you a small sum, but the end result is a growth in your market that is worth more than you paid for the click. PPC can help businesses explode into popularity; are you ready?




Engage Your Market and Tell a Story

Modern websites need video content. It’s one of the most powerful ways of engaging with your market and connecting with them in a way that text just doesn’t allow. You can share your mission or tell personal stories.
It’s up to you!



Reach New Audiences

Social media can be an overwhelming, confusing world. Wix Lab Web Designers takes that stress away from you and helps break your site into the social media world, whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.



Email Solutions

One of the best ways to keep your customers returning to you is through email marketing. The newsletter programs we design inform customers and remind them to keep up their business with you. Wix Lab Web Designers have no problem tackling any standard or automated email marketing projects.



Keep Your Site Healthy and Up-to-Date

As things change on the internet, new content can be needed or problems can pop up. When this happens, websites flounder and fall down on search engine results. You don’t want that! We work to ensure that your website is up-to-date and running smoothly. Errors and structural problems are fixed quickly, making sure that you don’t lose any business. Regular maintenance will keep your business growing steadily and will help make your site look fresh, clean and user-friendly.


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Custom Design  (ADA section 508 compliance)
Mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimized 

Wix CORVID® Coding  

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